3 Life Things Le Wagon Coding Bootcamp Taught Me

It had been 1 year I wanted to attend Le Wagon Fullstack Program. I joined Le Wagon Lille in January 2019. It is a 9-week coding bootcamp which enables you to master the creation of a Web app. After 3 years of professional experience as a Webmarketing Project Manager in a Web Agency, I wanted to go back to classes in order to gain even more technical skills.

My first goal was to mix with people from different backgrounds who had the same objective as me: learn one of the most sought-after skill of the century & put some meaning in their career. Indeed, Le Wagon is known to be a enriching human experience as well as a fast-learning and practical training.

Eventually, more than knowledge about Ruby on Rails, JavaScript or CSS, I was rewarded by some discoveries about myself and more self-confidence.

Taking part in a coding bootcamp
Photo by Alisa Anton on Unsplash

1) Whatever your situation is — only your motivation counts

As days were passing I could see that the most talented students were not the ones with the most degrees but those who really believed they could become developer.

Each day they were ready to face the difficulty and to make the most of the training. They were clearly determined to succeed and to pass all steps. They could spend hours on the same problem just to get the happiness to overcome the problem finally.

At first, I thought I was not really self-confident, so I would hide myself behind some pretexts, but eventually it was so refreshing to just believe in myself and convince myself that I will train and become a (very) good developer.

Becoming a Web developer
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2) Better done than perfect

Moreover, you are more likely to be inspired or to find the solution to your problem by attempting things and trying different ways. The more you are focused on writing your code, the more your brain will reveal its secrets. So if I was stuck with something, I would just try every solution I could think of. And if it did not work — because sometimes it can happen! — I would simply ask someone better than me to guide me through the meandering of programming.

Asking for help during coding bootcamp
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3) Team spirit makes you a better developer

Also, you can learn a million things about programming on the Internet, but nothing will replace a kindly mentor who will improve your practice and make you a better developer in all aspects.

Enjoying the help of a mentor
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You cannot only be a technical machine, you have to think about your goals as a developer — and this is only by mixing with interesting people that you can do it.

If you are interested in learning to code, think about Le Wagon Lille. Do not hesitate to contact Léa! The whole team is really kind.